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Grief Observed (S12 Episode29)

March 14, 2022

For this second week of Lent, we are contemplating “Grief Observed”. For those who want a piece of art to reflect on, check out Edvard Munch’s The Sick Child. I have made this my background screen on my computer to reflect on during the week. I will be referencing this work on Sunday.
Our Nexus musicians have also compiled a list of songs that explore the theme.  You can find that playlist on Apple Music or on Spotify. Specifically, I will be reflecting on Dolly Parton’s masterpiece Jolene.
For those interested in film, I will be referencing and reflecting on Chloe Zhao’s film Nomadland. Not only does this film feature some of my favourite landscapes in the world, provide timely commentary on the failure of the American Dream, and combine actors working alongside real life ‘nomads’, most importantly, I think the film is a powerful reflection on grief. I LOVE this film. Without question, my favourite film of 2021. You can find a trailer of the film here.
Finally, Dave Pitschner will be giving us a reflection on his own grief process, and I know we will all be richer for it. My conversations with Dave over the past two years during his grieving process have been some of the most grounding conversations I have had. I am honoured he is willing to share his story. 
This week’s focus on "Grief Observed" will be something I return to on Easter Sunday. This Sunday and Easter serve the purpose of bookends you could say for our Lenten series.

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