The Nexus Podcast

Nuance in the Nitty-Gritty (S12 Episode36)

April 25, 2022

This Sunday, Brad presents you with a trial case, where you will all serve as jury members. Yes, there will be a vote.  You will hear the true story around a unique trial case and then asked to vote whether you think the defendant should be found guilty or not.
The trial story comes with a purpose; to showcase for us the need to bring nuance to many of the discussions and subjects that often divide us today. Further, it demonstrates how the New Testament presents us with three different responses to a challenge the early church faced: what to do with meat sacrificed to idols. Now, that issue isn’t particularly relevant for us today, but that the New Testament has three distinct responses to the challenge is telling. It indicates that in the life of a church, very few things are cut and dry. And there is much for us today to learn from that. The New Testament’s framework helps us reconsider how we think about lots of hot button issues: from cannabis to sexuality, abortion to politics.

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