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Of Armageddon and Advertising (S12 Episode25)

February 14, 2022

McDonald’s, Colgate, Ikea: meet Revelation. The ancient book of Revelation shares a commonality with some of the most recognizable global brands today. Both know the power of symbols. Whether it is John writing a politically subversive message of lament and hope 2000 years ago, or contemporary marketing on billboards and in magazines, both know that images and symbols can convey stories, meanings, ideas and suggestions that go far beyond what is immediately obvious. So, as we continue into the operatic drama of the book of Revelation, we are going to look to advertising for some clues. 
The book of REvelation is a story of a cosmic battle between Jesus and empire, but as we move into the battle itself, we are confronted with some troubling imagery, images that have become synonymous with the book itself: Armageddon and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
For many, these scenes from Revelation point to a blood bath battle Jesus will wage at the end of the world. Of course, that raises a troubling question for anyone travelling the Jesus Path. If Jesus wages war in the end, does that mean the Jesus of the Sermon on the Mount and the whole love your enemy thing is abandoned? In the end, does Jesus realize that power and violence trump love and forgiveness? Does the Jesus of Revelation leave the Jesus of the gospels impotent and meaningless?
For those who are serious about deconstructing an unhealthy faith with the hopes of reconstructing a better one, getting Revelation right is important. That is the task at hand this Sunday as we dive into battle scenes of Revelation. 

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