The Nexus Podcast

Tidying Our Junk Drawer (S11 Episode41)

June 27, 2021

This week is our season finale and our conclusion to the forgiveness series. Last week ended with Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s imagination meditation where we visualize the path of forgiveness by imagining that in front of each of us stands a large cabinet with many individual drawers. Inside each of those drawers is a particular sin, a wrong, a hurt or wound done to us that we have not yet dealt with.

Brad likens this to the infamous junk drawer, aka, the place for everything without a place.  Forgiveness, it turns out, can feel an awful lot like dealing with our junk drawers. Once you open it up, the things we find in there can be disorientating and painful. As we close the season and series, Brad moves us towards ways we can not only make ourselves “graves for hate” but also transform the wounds and scars into grace and peace.

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