The Nexus Podcast

We Forget (S12 Episode27)

March 1, 2022

I am reminded this week of a lyric from the Weepies: “The world spins madly on.” Madly indeed. The four horsemen have left the stables; the red rider carrying his sword of war. I am sure many of us will be following what is happening in Ukraine closely to see how this all unfolds, but please join me this weekend in praying for peace, for the many lives that will be lost or forced to suffer and that cooler heads might prevail among our world leaders.
A mysterious phenomenon took the US by storm back in 2020. It is an intriguing tale…a story of one of our propensities as humans and why we need the Table to remind us of important truths in life. I hope you will join us in person, or online this week. I will also lay out some exciting plans we have for the season of Lent. I am so hoping you will journey along with us through Lent, so tune in for details around that. Things are moving at Nexus and I hope you will join us this Sunday. And by the way, keep an eye out for the mysterious.

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